H2 – Impressionism and Filters

Apply filters in Photoshop to create 3 variations of a still life impressionist piece.

H2 - Filters and Impressionism

  1. Impressionist Filters – Click here for video instructions  (Sorry I went really fast, if its easier, you can use the tutorial.  TELL MR. LEVIN THAT YOU NEED YOUTUBE FOR THE TUTORIAL)
    1. File
    2. Tutorial   (note this is different from the video)
    3. Post your result: {H2 – Filters and Impressionism}
      1. Then choose any image that you want and apply a filter to it.  Save it as a Jpeg and post it.  Include a quick description of what Filters you used and the process used to apply it.  What other controls over this filter do you have in photoshop? (Play around with the sliders in the Filter Gallery)
      2. Post Checklist – 3 images and a short caption.