H1 – Art Freewrite

New Post: 5 minute Freewrite – {H1 – Art FreeWrite}

  1. Think of a piece of art that you have seen or enjoyed.  (Remember when we talked about Banksy, Tim Burton, Aaron Koblin, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon?) If possible, find the image of a favorite piece of art (or a sample similar, or the name) using google images or other web resources.  It could be something you have seen before, something we have talked about in class, or you could google around for a few minutes.  Copy and paste the image into your post
    1. 36 Classic Pieces of Art to Choose From or do your own search.  Think outside the box.
  2. The Post: 5 minute FreeWrite about the piece
    • (Describe, anyalze, interpret and judge as desired)
    • What do you like about it?
    • Why did you choose it?
    • What does it mean to you?
    • What components do you like, dislike or pay extra attention to?