B6 – Subtext in Art – Banksy Analysis

  1. {B6 – Subtext in Art} – Banksy Exploration: Share something interesting!
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    2. Student Output
      1. Subtext Analysis Template
    3. Post {B6 – Subtext and Banksy} – Choose one Banksy Piece and do an analysis of the subtext. (Here are 80 to choose from)
      1. Analysis Instructions
        1. Introduce Banksy.
        2. Describe the piece.  (In the image, we see…)
        3. What do the elements represent?
        4. What message are they sending? (Banksy seems to be suggesting that…)
        5. How is that message being sent (ethos/logos/pathos or irony/juxtaposition/metaphors)
        6. Is the piece effective in sending its message? Why/Why not?
        7. Do you agree/disagree with the piece?
        8. Why or why not and support your answer.
        9. Sample Response: (Click the image)