B4 – Stencil Tutorial

  1. {B4 – Stencil Tutorial} – Part 1:  Create a stencil in Photoshop.  (Part of 5 total we will be making for this collection)
    1. Bring this photo into Photoshop (or any photo that you choose)  {New File: Name – B4 – Stencil Tutorial – Preset – U.S. Paper]
    2. Follow the tutorial at this site to create a stencil.
      1. http://stencilry.org/main/index.php/how-to-make-stencils-in-adobe-photoshop/
  1. Post your Using the instructions below

Post 1

  • Title: B4 – Stencil Tutorial
  • Image: Your Stencil of Jim Morrison from the Doors
  • Caption: What was it like working from a tutorial?  What was better about it?  What was more challenging?  Did you need extra support?