B2 – Screaming Pope

B2 – Screaming Pope – Liquify the Mouth and then Smudge

  1. You will need this file!
  2. Go to Filters –> Liquify
    1. Open up the mouth.
    2. Raise the eyebrows
    3. Apply Changes
  3. Use the smudge tool to create vertical lines in the pictures.
    1. Hold shift to force vertical lines.
    2. Use [ and ] to quickly change the brush sizes.
  4. Distort the Coloring of your image.
  5. Repeat the style for an icon (celebrity, politician, cartoon, etc) of your choice and post it to WordPress
  6. Post it to WordPress – Title: B2 -Screaming Pope in the Style of Francis Bacon.
  7. Caption:  Who is your figure, how did you change it, and what message did you want to send?  It could be positive or negative.