B10 – Stencils from Literature

New Post {B10 – Stencil from Literature)

Quote: “People might think eyes can’t talk” (What A Night Brings, Carla Trujillio, p. 3) Stencil Created by Taylar M, 2013.

  1. Select a quote from the novel you are reading – Make sure it has meaning and visuals associated with it!
    1. You may use one of the quotes from your homework OR google “Quotes from (Insert book name here) for more ideas.
  2. Type the Quote into the New Post
  3. Create 3 mini paragraphs (3-5 sentences each)
    1. Describe the quote, what does it mean, who said it, why did they say it?
    2. Why is the quote significant (Whats the deeper meaning)? What does it mean to you? Do you agree or disagree with it and why?
    3. Stencil Anaylsis: Coming Soon – After you Make the Corresponding Stencil
  4. Create a Stencil that corresponds with the quote.  You may use images, symbols, text, juxtopisition, irony and more.  You may also create an image that combines stencils of different colors HOWEVER each layer must be only one color. (Click for Photoshop Instructions)
  5. When you finish your stencil, post it as a jpeg into post B10 then create the third and final paragraph:
    1. Describe your stencil?  What symbols/objects did you use and how do they connect to your quote?
    2. What message are you trying to send to viewers of your stencil?