B1 – Liquify Exploration

B1 – Liquify Exploration

  1. Create a New Photoshop File {B1-Liquify-Name} {Default Photoshop Size – 5x7in 72 pixels/inch, RGB color)
  2. Copy at Paste this image into your canvas.  Resize it to fit. 
  3. Click Filters, Liquify.
  4. Explore with a friend, see if you can find out which tools do each of the following:
    1. Make parts of the image look bigger
    2. Make parts of the image spiral or spin
    3. Stretch out parts of the image
    4. Reverse back to the original image.
  5. Be as creative as you can with the liquify tool on your image and post it to WordPress as {B1-Liquify}.
    1. Caption: Explain how to use the liquify tool to someone who wasn’t here today.