¡Final Portfolio!


Students will create a page in WordPress to showcase their work from Digital Art and Design as well as other accomplishments from this year.

Why do I need one?

A portfolio is a showcase of the talent and creativity that you have to offer to who ever is looking at it. It needs to show that you are creative, but also reflect your attention to detail. It is similar to a resume, but showcasing artwork and accomplishments instead of experience.

What will it include?

  • Digital Arts Slideshow and Reflection
  • Writing Sample*
  • Choice Assignment
  • Presentation Screencast*
  • Typing Certificate

*Either your Writing Sample or your Screencast Presentation must contain a properly formatted MLA Bibliography.

What will It Look Like?

Make a New Page in WordPress Titled : {Final Portfolio}.

Part 1 – Digital Arts Accomplishments

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Create a Slideshow Gallery showcasing the following assignments: (You must include a minimum of 6 different assignments).  You may include assignments from my class or digital art assignments you have done on your own or for other classes.  You may need to revisit and revise some of these assignments to make sure they are ready to showcase your BEST abilities.

  1. Your Identity Logo (D6)
  2. Your Stencil Gallery (B11)
  3. Your Choice Illustration (D9)
  4. Skills/Talents – What do you believe to be your BEST Project.
  5. Creativity – Which project showcases your most imaginative work
  6. Interests – Which project incorporates things that you enjoy?
  7. Ambition – Which project was the most challenging?
  8. Commitment – Which project took the longest to create?
  9. Preference – What was your favorite project of the year?

Caption: For each image, explain what the project is, what you learned from it, and why it was included in your portfolio.  (Remember, your target audience did not take this class and may not be familiar with photoshop, indesign or scratch)

Part 2 – Create your own digital design project

Using what we have learned in class this year, create your own NEW PROJECT that incorporates a quote or a theme from one of your other classes.

Those of you that have art style assignments due for English, History, Science, or Spanish, this is your chance to get double credit for including the assignment here.

If you need direction for creating your own project, you could follow some of the tutorials below:

Part 3 – Writing Sample

Part 4 – Screen Cast Presentation

Adapt a presentation you have created to a screencast form.  Make a recording of your voice as you give the presentation to make a standalone version of the presentation. (*Note: If you do not have a presentation to share, you can create a screen cast demonstrating how to complete one of the assignments from this semester.)

Instructions for creating the screencast are below.

How To Use Screen Cast O Matic

  1. Choose one of the topics below.
  2. Plan Your Screencast
    1. Introduce your Topic
    2. Explain Step by Step how to do your project. (You should type out these steps as you will need to include them in your Portfolio.
      1. Keep in mind your visuals and what you are saying at each point
    3. Conclude with a summary of what you just taught.
  3. Record Your Screen Cast
    1. http://screencast-o-matic.com/
    2. Publish your ScreenCast to YouTube
      1. User: locke1art@locke1.com Password: greendot
  4. Add your video and the step by step instructions to your portfolio page in WordPress.
    1.  It helps to work through the project once as a practice round (and write down all of the steps, so that you don’t miss any).  Also try to address things that you know will be tricky for your viewers.  A rubric is below.  Keep in mind that the MAXIMUM time allowed on the free version is 15 minutes.  But don’t feel as though you need to use the entire time.

Part 5 – Typing Certificate

Complete the Certification process at TypingWeb.com, it must be completed in your final week of class.  Be wary of technical difficulties and get it out of the way early in the week.

  • >40 wpm = A+
  • 31-39 wpm = B
  • 25-30 wpm = C
  • 20-25 wpm = C-
  • <20 wpm = D+
  • No Certificate = F

Typing Web Certificate

**Note:  There will be a final reflection form and survey on the final day of class that you must complete as well, it will take about 20 minutes**