D9 – Choice Illustration

Challenge:  Using an image you have drawn (and photographed) or one that you have found on google images, recreate the image using the illustration process from assignments D7 and D8.

  1. Find a sketch/outline image that you want to use for this project.
    1. Here are some ideas   (Choose one that is APPROPRIATELY CHALLENGING in order to receive full credit)
  2. Copy and Paste the image into a new illustrator file.Identify what shapes you will need to draw
  3. Create layers for each shape starting with the back and moving to the front.
  4. Work layer using the pen or other tools by layer to create outlines with NO FILL
  5. Fill in the shapes, bottom layer to top layer, with colors, gradients or patterns
  6. Add effects such as gradients, shadows and glows.


You can repeat this assignment for Extra Credit.

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{D9 – Choice Illustration}

Caption: Answer the following questions to create a reflection paragraph.

  • What is the title and them of your illustration (you get to choose)?
  • What are the strengths of your illustration?
  • What are the weaknesses of your illustration?
  • How could the strategies you used on this assignment be useful in the future (provide examples!)