D7 – Learn to Draw in Illustrator

Objective: Students will use illustrator tools to recreate a drawing from a sketched image.

D7 - Drawing in Illustrator


You will need this file

  1. Click Download
  2. Direct Download
  3. Save and then Open the file
  4. Click IGNORE if you get the error message about missing paths.
  5. Press Ctrl+0 to center the image on your screen

Warning – Do not move on to the next step until you have finished with the current ones.  You may need to rewatch videos, ask for help, or pause for some extra time to work on the project.  Compare your image with the screenshot as you work through the assignment.

Instructional Videos

Part 1 – Outlining your drawing

  1. 7a – Setting Up colors, brushes, and layers
    1. Don’t Forget to Save
    2. If you have no colors, use this tutorial to add a few colors!  I will show you how to add more when I return.
    3. If you have no brushes, use this video
  2. 7b – Background, Stars and Moon
    1. Don’t forget to save!!!!
  3. 7c – Drawing and Duplicating the trees
    1. Don’t forget to save!!
  4. 7d -Body Legs and Tail
    1. Don’t forget to save!!!
  5. 7e -Finishing the Monkey
    1. Don’t Forget to Save!!!
  6. 7f -Removing the template and uploading your outline to WordPress.
    1. Don’t forget to save, you will need this file for D8!

Here are screenshots of how your file should look after each stage