D8 – Coloring in Illustrator

Objective: After outlining the image in Project D7, you will use the fill, brush, gradients and effects options in illustrator to color, design and give depth to your artwork in your own style.

D8 - Coloring in Illustrator - Levin

If you do not have the file, go back to D7 and work through the process.

Warning – Do not move on to the next step until you have finished with the current ones.  You may need to rewatch videos, ask for help, or pause for some extra time to work on the project.  Compare your image with the screenshot as you work through the assignment.

Instructional Videos

Part 1 – Outlining your drawing

  1. 8a – Resaving your file and Adjusting your Stroke
    1. Don’t Forget to Save
  2. 8b – Filling Your Shapes with Color, Textures or Gradients
    1. Don’t forget to save!!!!
    2. If you are done with this part, and the rest of the videos are not loaded, you can get a head start on D9 – Choice Illustration where you will repeat the process using an image that you choose.
  3. 8c -Identify your Light Source and Using the Gradient Mesh Tool
    1. (Don’t forget to copy your original shape before using the gradient mesh tool.
    2. Don’t forget to save!!
  4. 8d – Effects – Glows, Shadows, and More
    1. Don’t forget to save!!!
  5. 8e -Export as a .jpeg and Upload to WordPress

Post Title:

{D8 – Coloring in Illustrator}

Caption: Put the process of illustration in the order that it should be completed:

  • Identify what shapes you will need to draw
  • Add effects such as gradients, shadows and glows.
  • Fill in the shapes, bottom layer to top layer, with colors, gradients or patterns
  • Open your template image/sketch in illustrator
  • Work layer using the pen or other tools by layer to create outlines with NO FILL
  • Create layers for each shape starting with the back and moving to the front.


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