D5 – 3 of Me


D5 – 3 of Me – Post by 4/24/2013

Video Instructions

For this project, you will use the tripod and camera to take 3 pictures of yourself in different positions in the same background.  Then, using Photoshop, you must combine all 3 pictures into one picture (containing you three times).  Finally, you will crop your picture to incorporate the rule of three.

Step 1: Set up the tripod to make sure that your background doesn’t change, then take 3 pictures, with the subject in different positions.  (You may want to take more than three, in case some don’t come out well)

Step 2: After uploading the photos to your computer, bring all 3 into Photoshop as separate layers.  Then use the selection tools and erasers to make the images into one.  Adjust the curves, to try to make is look as realistic as possible as the colors and lighting may be off.

Step 3: Crop the Photo Appropriately, with the Rule of Thirds in Mind.

Step 4: Save your image as a JPEG and post it to WordPress.