D4 – Pen Tool Intro


Levin’s Video Instructions

  • Vector Vs. Raster Artwork
  • Demonstration and walk through of the tutorial.
  • What are they supposed to do with the path after it is created?


  1. Part 1: Pen Tool Basics – File 1

    1. Set the brush tool to size 10 and choose the foreground color.
    2. Use the Pen Tool, set to the following.
    3. Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 7.44.24 AM
    4. To adjust the path, use the direct selection tool (white arrow)
    5. Outline the paths, then right click and select stroke path then brush.
    6. When finished with a path, press enter BEFORE moving on to the next path.
    7. For straight lines, just click, for curves you must click and drag.
      1. Tips  and Tricks with the Pen Tool:
        1. Each time you click, you create an anchor point, your line is made automatically by connecting anchor points.
        2. If the shape closes (ex 1 and 2), make sure your final click has the pen with a circle next to it
        3. Press Enter when you are done with your path to clear it so you can move on to the next figure.
        4. If the shape doesn’t close (ex 3-8)), Ctrl+Click to finish your path.
        5. To make a curve, click and drag with the pen.  The handles guide how your curve will enter and leave the anchor point. DO NOT LET GO until your curve looks close to how you want it to.
        6. In numbers 6, 7, and 8 you may need to make a corner.  After drawing your curve, ALT+CLICK on the anchor point.  The curve will stay, but it will not continue beyond the anchor point.
        7. If you want to adjust your path use the direct selction tool (white arrow) and it will allow you to go back and make changes.
  2. Part 2: find a connect the dots and complete it in Photoshop using the pen tool
  3. Save both as a JPEG and upload as a New Post to WordPress {D4 – Pen Tool Intro}
    • Include Both Images (as a Gallery – Your Choice of style)
    • Caption: Explain how to make and stroke paths using the Pen Tool.
  4. Extra Challenges:
    1. Toy Project – File 3 – Instructions
    2. Challenge – Coffee Mug (no guides) – File 4


  • {D4 – Pen Tool Intro}
  • Both Images (as a Gallery – Your Choice)
  • Caption: Explain how to make and stroke paths using the Pen Tool.