D3 – Photography Gallery

{D3 – Photography Gallery}

  1. Homework {D3 – Photography Gallery}
    1. Post a gallery (you may choose the format, but make sure it looks good) of 5 photos: (Click the link for ideas and suggestions)
      1. One self-portrait (be creative)
      2. One that captures your community (or home, or environment)
      3. One that exemplifies the rule of thirds
      4. One using natural lines
      5. One taken from a unique angle.
    2. You may use a camera, phone, or any other digital photography device.  You may need to borrow from a friend, but you MUST take your own pictures.
    3. You can e-mail them to yourself, post them to instagram or take any steps you need to get the photos onto your WordPress.  (You can even go on WordPress from home)