15_6 Fingered Hand

Part 2: 6 Fingered Hand

Take a photo of your own hand.  Do some virtual surgery to give yourself 6 fingers instead of 5.

You will need to:
1. Make sure the image is in focus, without camera shake.
2. Copy one of your existing fingers, paste it into a new layer, and rotate/move it so it fits alongside the other fingers.  (You will need to use CTRL+T and layers for this project)
3. Using the clone stamp and healing brush, make a smooth transition from the 6th finger to the rest of your hand.  You may also want to use the smudge tool to clean some of the
4. Save it as a JPEG and Post it to your wordpress site.

  • Include a credit line: ArtistName/ArtName/DateCreated/ProgramUsed/City
  • Caption: Imagine if someone was blind, describe your picture to them using as much detail as you can.


  • 1. Working with selections and layers.
  • 2. Practice with Healing Brush and Clone Stamp
  • 3. Learning to evaluate your own work during the creative process, recognizing flaws and correcting them. Be your own best critic!

Grading rubric:
10  points.
2 – Taking the photo in focus (Not Blurry)
4 – Addition of extra finger.
4 – Detail work in making new finger blend with the rest of your hand. If I zoom in, will I be convinced this is really a part of your hand?