20_Color and Pop Art

  1. We Do: Recoloring in Photoshop
    1. Review of Selection Tools, Ctrl+D and Ctrl+U
    2. You will need this image
    3. Create a new file: 20_ColorPractice_Name
    4. Default: U.S. Paper (Do Not Copy the Name)
    5. https://i0.wp.com/faculty.rcc.edu/hewitt/Adobe_Photoshop/Filter%20Project/NewPhotoshopDoc.jpg
  2. Assignment #20 – Pop Art and Color
    1. Warhol used Pop Culture from his time (Soup Cans, Models, Actresses) to create art.  Think of something from today’s pop culture and use the steps below to create your own recolored Art in the style of Warhol’s Prints.
    2. Create a series of digitally colored images. Your series must have a minimum of 4 individual images. (you may repeat or use different pictures)
      1. You may use portraits or objects from today’s pop culture
      2. Each copy should have a different color scheme
        1. Create a New File in Photoshop: 20_Color_Name
          1. Preset: U.S. Paper
            1. *Make sure the color is set to RGB Color
        2. Use google images to find an item of pop culture. (I recommend using a black and white image).
        3. Copy and paste the image into photoshop at least 4 times (each one should be its own layer)
        4. Use the Selection Tools (Wand, Marquee, Magnetic Lasso) and Ctrl+U to recolor each layer. (If it is black and white your will need to check the colorize box)
          1. Hint: See what happens if you recolor the entire layer, without making a selection.
          2. You must include at least one portrait with Analogous colors and one with Complimentary Colors
    3. Post your image to WordPress as a Jpeg {C5- Pop Art and Color}