19_Working from Templates – Starbucks and Monopoly Projects

Objective:  Students will use templates that combine text and image layers in photoshop to create their own Starbucks Pick of the Week cards.


  1. 19_How to Work from a Template – Starbucks Cards
    1. You will need this file
    2. Choose an artist/song combination that you think other people should be exposed to.
    3. Use the text tool to EDIT the existing text to change the artist name and track title
    4. Use Google Images to replace the image with a photo of your artist.
    5. Save the image as a JPEG and post it to WordPress:
      1. Title {C3 – Starbucks Template}
      2. Upload the image as a JPEG
      3. Credit Line:  ArtistName/ProjectName/DateCreated/Program Used/Location
      4. Caption:  Tell me about this song.  Why did you choose it?  Why should other people listen to it?  — 4-5 sentences.
      5. Publish the Post
  2. 19_Monopolocke – Group Project
    1. This holiday season you have been hired to design the newest version of Monopoly.  Working in a team of 3 and using the monopoly template, create your own version of the popular board game.  Save your work in progress as a photoshop file.  Change the names of ALL locations and add images to the game to represent your theme.  Note: This example is incomplete as as not all places were assigned images.