18_Combine 2 Images

  1. Assignment 12 – Combine elements of at least two separate photos using a subject from one and placing it into the background of another.  Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
    1. Create a new photoshop file (Size: Default Photoshop Size)
    2. Title: 18_PhotoMontage_Name (NOT CUSTOM BRUSHES)
    3.  Using photoshop, combine parts of one image with parts of the other.
    4. Save your file as a JPEG and post it to WordPress as a NEW POST
    5. Follow the Instructions above, When Finished, Post to WordPress in the following format:
      1. Title: C1_PhotoMontage
      2. Insert your PhotoMontage
      3. For Your Caption, use the form to ART CRITIQUE YOUR OWN IMAGE and copy and paste your responses.  (For part 2, pay special attention to space, shapes and forms in your images)
      4. Publish this post
    6. Note: If you are not finished with it, make sure to save it as a PHOTOSHOP  (.psd) file, so that you can continue to work with it on Thursday.
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