Instructions for 16_Pixelated

Steps for the Hand Drawn Version:

  • 1) Choose your Photo (follow steps 1-5 in photoshop)
  • 2) Outline the image in pencil
  • 3) Color in the squares.  Remember each square can only contain 1 color.

Instructions – Open Photoshop

1. Create a New Document

  • Name: 16_Pixelated#_Name
  • Preset: Custom
  • Size: Height 64 x Weight 64 pixels
  • Resolution: 8 pixels/inch (DPI)
  • Color Mode: CMYK

2. If you cannot see the Grid: View > Show > Grid
3. Adjust the Grid so that it is easy to count specific pixels.

  • Edit > Preferences > Guides, Grid & Slices
  • Set Grid to: Gridline: every 4 pixels
  • Subdivisions: 4

4. Copy an image from Google and Paste (Ctrl+V).  You should see layer 1 appear, however your image is way to big.  Press Ctrl+T to shrink the layer to fit in the little square canvas.

5. Zoom so the comfortable level with CTRL+

6. Choose the Pencil. If it is not on the tool bar, right click the brush tool to find more options.
7.  Pick a color by using the color picker, swatches bar or ALT+Clicking on part of the image

8. Plot each pixel color ON TO A NEW LAYER (Layer 2) 

9. Feel free to adjust and experiment at this point to make your work of art look just how you want it to. Ctrl-Z (Step Backward) is your friend.