Part 1: Monsters – Whats wrong with the example below?

Use a NEW photo of yourself for this assignment. The photo needs to show your full face, facing the camera (not profile).

You will need to:
1. Use the clone stamp to add extra features to your face.
2. Post the image to your WordPress as a JPEG Quality 8 as part of P4

Controlling the clone stamp
Practice saving files for web.

* 1 point: Use of clone stamp with smooth transitions in the image (so it doesn’t look like it was cut out with scissors and glued together).

Caption – 1 Art Critique Paragraph

  1. Check out the Tim Burton Online Gallery
  2. Create an Art Critique following all four steps
    1. [P4 – Critiquing Time Burton]
    2. Complete this form, then copy and paste all of your answers to make a paragraph as your post.