13_Photo Adjustments

Students will perform basic photo corrections on three different photos and reflect on the morality of using photoshop to adjust natural conceptions of beauty.

  1. Two Tutorials
    1. Using the healing brush to remove the acne from the model – Natural Healing
    2. Using the Clone Stamp to repair this torn photo and remove the sprinklers with the spot healing brush.
  2. Challenge – The Rock Climber
    1. Challenge: Remove the graffiti and holes in the rocks using the spot healing brush and clone stamp tools.  (Click the Challenge link then SAVE then OPEN the file)
      1. Remove the holes in the rocks (on both sides) and the graffiti (DJ)
        1. Use the Clone Stamp or the Spot Healing Brush
  3. New Post: {P3 – Photo Corrections}
    1. Save all 3 as Jpegs and post them to WordPress as a SlideShow.
    2. Watch this video clip and Write a paragraph – Do you think using photoshop is moral (right or wrong)?
    3. Caption: One TIEA Paragraph (6-8 sentences)
    4. Publish your post