Use Photoshop to draw a picture of a sheep or car.

  1. Project – Create a New File
    1. 11_Sheep_YourName
    2. Preset: Default Photoshop Size
    3. Click OK
  2. Use the Brush tool and Color Picker to Draw a Sheep Facing to the Left or a CAR Facing to the Right?
    1. Save File as a .jpeg  (note: this is only for finished projects, and it decreases the quality)
  3. Find Something in Arron Koblin’s Gallery – And watch/experience a lot of it.

New Blog Post [P1 – Sheep and a Critique]

  1. Upload your Sheep or Car as a .jpg to WordPress and include a modified Credit Line
    – Artist Name/Artwork Title/Creation Year/Medium (Digital Image)
    1. Caption is your Critique of Koblin’s Artwork
      1. Topic Sentences–Describe what you see, who is the artist, what is the title of the art, when was it made, what type of materials, etc.
      2. Information about the Art–How is this work organized – What shapes, colors, sizes, effects, patterns, etc do you notice
      3. (Evidence/Examples)–Interpret the message – Why was this art created, what makes it worth spending time?  What components of it are specially significant?
      4. Analysis/Judge the Art – What do you think?  Is this art successful (aesthictically pleasing, awe inspiring, sends a strong message)  Why or why not?