Option 1: Mazes

  • Tutorial:  Creating a Maze in Scratch
    1. Follow along for a maze-creating activity, as described in the Maze handout (above)
      1. • Start by designing the maze layout, by drawing a maze-like background with single-colored walls and a different single-colored end marker.• Add a sprite that will navigate the maze. Keep this simple – a single-colored square will work fine.
      2. • Add the interactive navigation to the sprite, having it move up, down, right, and left with the arrow keys, using the “point in direction” block and the “move 10 steps” block.
      3. • Add the initial state, by having the sprite jump to the beginning of the maze using the “when green flag clicked” block and the “go to x y” block.
      4. • Have the sprite bounce off the maze walls using conditionals (the “if” block) and sensing (the “touching color” block).
      5. • Define the ending condition, using the “wait until” and “touching color” blocks.
  • Play Mr. Levin’s MAZE 2.0 and think about what EXTENSIONS you could put into your maze.
  • Maze Extensions:  Examples – See if you can figure out how to add these into your maze.
    1. Score
    2. Timer
    3. Enemies
    4. Levels
    5. Rewards

Option 2:  Variables and Keeping Score

Directions:  Create a New Variable and Set the scripts to keep score in the sample game.  Make the Yellow Characters worth positive points and purple characters worth negative.  You may do what you like with the other sprites, but they should do something to the game when the cat touches them.

  1. Click here for Start File
  2. Click here for Sample Instructions