03_Maslows – Week 1

S1 – Experimenting and Exploring

  1. Download Scratch Here
  2. Watch the Video: http://vimeo.com/29457909
  3. Explore other projects at  http://scratch.mit.edu
  4. More Resources
    1. Scratch Cards – http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Support/Scratch_CardsScratch
    2.  Support Site – http://info.scratch.mit.edu/Support
    3. Scratch Quickstart guide

Assignment: 03_Maslows_YourName


Create an interactive pyramid by assigning a new image to each level of the pyramid, so that when they are clicked it becomes an image that represents that level of need.  Click for an example

  1. Click here for File
  2. Find an image that represents a basic physiological need (like food/water/sleep).
    1. Save the image to your DESKTOP (Create a new folder to stay organized!)
  3. Import the image as a new costume for the Basic Needs Sprite.
    1. Click costumes
    2. Click New Costume: Import
    3. Upload your file
    4. It will be WAY TO BIG.
    5. Click Edit
    6. Use the shrink button to Shrink your file
    7. Click OK
  4. Create the scripts so they will automatically switch costumes when clicked

    1. Use the colors to help you navigate between the control and looks scripts for this project.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for all 5 blocks
  6. Right click on each of the text backgrounds and select delete to get rid of them.
  7. Click the Stage and import and background image
  8. Save your project to your Digital Arts folder (Change yourname to be your actual name!)
  9. Share your project on the scratch gallery
    1. Click Share
    2. “Share this project online:
    3. Login Name: locke1art
    4. Password: password
    5. In the description tab include a caption explaining your process and reasons for making your project.