New Student Guide

Welcome to Digital Art and Design,

My name is Mr. Levin and I am excited for you to be joining our class this year.  There are a few logistical items we need to set up in order for you to be ready to get your work done in this class.  Please follow all the steps on this page, and feel free to raise your hand if you get stuck or need help.

You will be creating 3 accounts and filling out a few surveys.

  1. Get your login information if you have not already done so.
    1. FirstInitial+LastName+Last3digits of student  ex.
    2. Your Temporary Password is greendot2011
    3. More Detailed Instructions are avaliable here.
  2. Complete the Welcome Survey to tell Mr. Levin about who you are.
  3. Go to  and use your computer login to access your e-mail.
    1. Login with your account information
    2. After logging in, if you see a “Password isn’t enough” screen, click save to bypass all of the information
    3. Click the grey image in the top-right corner then select “EDIT PROFILE”
    4. After it loads, HOVER your cursor over the word Profile on the top left, wait for the dropdown arrow to appear, click the arrow then click MAIL.
    5. Select the Time Zone -8:00 Pacific
    6. Your Mail Account is set up and Ready
    7. Leave this page open and press Ctrl+T to make a new tab.
  4. Go to
    1. Click Start Typing
    2. Register A New Account
    3. For your user name, use your email WITHOUT the part
    4. Select a password that you will remember (it can be the same as your computer one)
    5. For your e-mail, use your e-mail WITH the part
    6. Click Register
    7. Check your e-mail from before, you should have received an e-mail from the TypingWeb Team
  5. Last Account!  Go to
    1. Click the Orange Button to Create an account
    2. For your website name use  your email WITHOUT the part
      1. Make sure to choose the “” ending.  (Its the only FREE one)
    3. For your user name, you may use the same as your website or select your own
    4. Choose a Good Password
    5. Repeat the Password
    6. For your e-mail, use your e-mail WITH the part  (MAKE SURE THIS IS CORRECT!!)
    7. Click Create Blog
    8. Complete the Profile Section then click save.
    9. Switch over to your e-mail tab.
      1. You should have an e-mail from WordPress
      2. Click the Blue Box to activate your website.
      3. Congratulations you are all ready to go!
  6. Check in with Mr. Levin, but while you wait begin creating a collage of pictures about you in Powerpoint.
    1. Find images on Google Images or other Websites
    2. Copy and Paste them into PowerPoint.
    3. Make sure they are all school appropriate
    4. At Least one should represent your goals
    5. Click HERE for an example.