Drafting…Your Final Portfolio

Objective: Students will reflect on and revise their work from this year to curate a final portfolio page in WordPress representing a diverse selection of their best work.


  1. Typing Practice
  2. Continue working on your final portfolio
    1. Select and Revise your projects for Part 1.
    2. Decide what you want to do for Part 2.
  3. How to:
      1. Put Google Documents into WordPress
    1. Screencast
  4. End of Class Post {F3 – Day 3 Reflection}
    1. What did you accomplish today with your Final Portfolio?
    2. What are your next steps?
    3. What help or support do you need to be successful with this assignment? How can you get that help?
  5. If you are not returning to this class please complete the exit survey.
    1. Exit Survey for SENIORS and students who might not be back after today.
    2. Parts 1-3 Checklist and Reflection for Everyone Else

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