Receiving Feedback, Final Drafts and Portfolio Prep

Objective: Students will reflect on feedback provided to determine action steps for finalizing their projects.


  1. Typing Practice
  2. How to respond to feedback:
    1. Don’t take it personal
    2. One idea is not aways the best idea
    3. People have different preferences, try out their suggestions then decide for yourself what you think.
  3. Post: G5-Rough Draft
    1. All Group Members: Make sure your rough draft is posted as the image for G5
    2. Caption:  Look at your feedback here then answer the following questions (Hint: Click View — as List)
        1. What are the strengths in your projects?
        2. What are the areas it needs to be improved?
        3. How can you make those improvements?
        4. What suggestions or advice did you get from looking at peer feedback?
      1. ***If you did not have a rough draft please answer the following questions:
        1. What do you think was the cause for your group not submitting your rough draft in on time?
        2. What actions could YOU take to make sure that this doesn’t happen in the future?
        3. What do you still need to do as a group in order to finish a draft of your project today?
    3. Project Work Time – In Groups – Final dedicated day in class for this project.
    4. Final Draft Due at end of Period – {G6 – Graphic Novel PSAs)

      1. Each group member must post the project to their WordPress
      2. Individually – Complete the Graphic Novel Reflection Form.
  4. Use remaining class time to finish any make-up work or revise any previous assignments (including the D5 – 3 of Me project and D9 – Choice Illustration).
    1. Call Mr. Levin over for a grade check if necessary.