Rough Drafts Due at End of Period!

Objective:  Compile your filtered images into a single Photoshop file and add final effects to organize your Graphic Novel PSA to convey a strong message and exemplify the four Principles of Gestalt.

Rogers/Vance: Typing Practice, Vocab Development,

G4 - Graphic Novel Rough Draft


  1. Typing Practice at
  2. Review of process and procedures for creating graphic novel PSA.
    1. ResourceesResources
      1. Assignment Website
      2. Editing Photos Screencast
      3. Creating your Layout Screencast
  3. Group Work Time
  4. Home: Submit RoughDraft to
    1. Caption: Period, Group Member names, Intended message.

Wednesday: Peer Feedback and Review

Thursday/Friday: Final draft of Graphic Novel PSA, introduction to FINAL PORTFOLIO PROJECT, work time.