Your Own Propaganda

Objectives: Students will design their own propaganda campaign to promote a teacher of their choosing as the best Candidate for teacher of the year.

Analyze images using several perspectives or entry points

Create images and develop accompanying texts that support a specific purpose or function

Assess the effectiveness of collected images and those of their own creation

6th Period —  We need to talk….

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    1. Typing Practice at
    2. A9 – MY Teacher IS BETTER THAN YOUR Teacher! – The Golden Dot Awards 2013:
  1. GoldentDot
    What would you say about a political candidate to make him or her seem important, honest, intelligent, practical, brave, on your side?  Each group should then name the candidate, and his or her party, and then imagine a campaign theme with ideas, slogans and a representative picture or logo. What does the politician promise and how will he or she accomplish their goals?

    1. Brainstorm – You should have completed this last class
    2. Submissions can be viewed here
    3. Form groups based on the candidate you chose.
    4. Try to find pictures of your candidate here.
  2. Create – 2 posters to promote your candidate – Be sure to include Ethos, Pathos, and/or Logos in you propaganda.  Also make sure your poster includes the following:
    1. Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.10.45 AM
    1. A photo of the teacher you choose.  (You may photoshop if you like)
    2. A catchy slogan or headline
    3. 2 Truthful facts about how the person does their job well.
    4. 1 Good thing they do outside of class.
    5. A quote from someone not in this period about what they like about that person (You may have to ask around)
    6. Your final project should be a well designed 8.5×11 page that can be printed and/or posted up to Wordpress.
  3. Project Rubric
  4. Criteria Awesome Good Okay Meh.
    Audiences and Purpose   Presents effective slogan; clearly addresses persuasive task in a way that resonates with audience. Presents solid slogan; addresses persuasive task in a way that stands out to audience. Presents a slogan; addresses persuasive task, but may slight some aspects of task and audience. Suggests a slogan or does not have a slogan; shows lack of attention to persuasive task and audience.
    Organization and Attention to Detail    Uses layout and design to show clear, consistent organizational strategy; effectively uses word and image placement to make a point. Uses layout and design to show consistent organizational strategy; uses word and image placement to make a point. Layout and design show inconsistent organizational strategy; words and images distract or confuse. Layout and design show illogical organizational strategy; words and images lack coherence.
    Persuasive Appeal  X2  Successfully combines words and images to provide convincing, unified support for position; shows complexity of thought, tapping on ethos, logos, and pathos. Combines words and images to provide unified support for position; shows some complexity of thought, tapping on ethos, logos, and pathos, but may rely on one persuasive appeal more heavily. Combines some words and images that may detract from position; shows simplistic treatment of topic, may tap exclusively on one persuasive appeal. Uses words and images that do not support position; shows confused thinking about topic, and does not utilize persuasive appeals.
    Use of Language and Accuracy    Successfully communicates an idea through clever use of language; includes few mechanical errors. Communicates an idea through adequate use of language; includes a few mechanical errors. Misuses language and lessens impact of ideas; includes many mechanical errors. Demonstrates poor use of language and confuses meaning; includes many mechanical errors.

Next Class:

Disney Propaganda Short, Finishing and  Sharing your Campaign (Voicethread, Tumblr or WordPress TBD.)

Extra Resources: – For Political Cartoons and activities  PDFs of Dr Seuss and other Books Childrens Literature Class Including Dr. Seuss