iPod Advertisements

Objective:  Students will use photoshop to create iPod Style Advertisements for 2 characters and post them to WordPress.

iPod Art


  1. Typing Practice 
  2. Finish Posts A3, A4, and A5.
    1. Complete this form then make up any missing assignments.
    2. Make sure that all three contain an image file and a paragraph.
    3. For A4 and A5 you should discuss how your advertisements use ethos, pathos and logos.  As well as what elements of design do they contain (Images, text, captions, descriptions) and who is the intended audience.
  3. New Project A6 – iPod Art
    1. We Do:  You will need this image of  Vice President Joe Biden
    2. Remove the background of the image using the quick select or magic want tools.
    3. Change the color of Biden to Black (Ctrl+U)
    4. Create a Shadow by Duplicating the layer, Pressing Ctrl+T and Holding CTRL to move and then Changing the Opacity to 50%  (NEW!!)
    5. Add in the iPod Image using the Rounded Rectangle and Oval Tools (NEW!!)
    6. Add in a Background Image/Color
    7. Draw on the headphones with brush
    8. Finalize your image with the iPOD logo
  4. Using ETHOS: Recreate two more ads using the following characters:
    1. A celebrity (it could also be a cartoon)
    2. Any Politician or historical figure
      1. **The more open their body is the better the pictures will come out.  (ex. if they are holding their arms away from their body)
    3. Post both to WordPress and explain who you characters are and why Apple should use them to convince people to buy iPods. {A6 – iPod Ads}
      1. ex) Lisa Simpson is a character from the TV show the Simpsons.  She is easily identifiable by her spiky hair.  Because she plays the saxophone, she is an ideal candidate for Apple to use in her adds.  People will trust her for this music product because she is a musician.