Objective: Students will create their own images in groups and individual to promote a chosen product.

Created by Juan Paz 2013

Created by Juan Paz 2013


  1. Typing Practice at
  2. Champs Review and Mini-Quiz
    1. Champs Review
    2. Champs Quiz
  3. A5 –  Group Project: EXQUISITE AND IMPOSSIBLY RARE – While Gold and Silver may be incredibly rare, most advertisements aim to convince you that everyday objects are in fact, incredible.
    1. Mr. Levin will assign your group of 5-6 an everyday object, i.e. a spoon, toothbrush, rubber duck, pencil.
    2. Goal: Use Photoshop to create an ad campaign (including 3 ads that use pathos, ethos and logos to persuade their audiences) that will present your common object as something–whether rare, essential, glamorous or magical–that will change the lives of those that own it.
      1. Think about picture, captions, description, logos, and intended audiences for your advertisement as well as how you intend to persuade your audience: {logos, pathos, ethos}.
    3. Group Roles (if necessary):
      1. Facilitator, TimeKeeper, Researcher, Head Designer, Summarizer, Quality Controller.
    4. When Finished: Save your work as a Jpeg 24_Object_Period# and upload it to WordPress as {A5 – _______ Advertisement}
      1. Caption – Analyze your photo – Give examples of how it uses ethos, logos or pathos to send its message.
  4. Individual Project: iPod Advertisement
    1. New File in Photoshop: A6_iPod_Name
    2. Chose someone you admire and find a picture to use for your iPod art.  Photos of them in motion will result in better images.
    3. Use the directions and follow along with Mr. Levin to create your iPod art.
    4. Post your final product to WordPress {A6 – iPod Advertisement} and include a credit line YourName/ProjectTitle/DateCreated/ProgramUsed/Location
    5. Your final product must have all of the following to earn full credit
      • Silhouette (all Black) image
      • iPod (or iPad or iPhone) with Headphones
      • Shadow
      • Background
      • Text/Apple Logo (Optional)

Mr. Vance/Ms. Rogers

Exploring Advertisements with: Don’t Buy It – Click Here  (Use Internet Explorer)

  1. Be the Ad Detective
  2. Design a Cereal Box
  3. Create Your Own Ads