Thursday/Friday – August 23-24th, 2012

Objective:  Students will make sure that they have successfully completed their typing test (with reflection), their identity collage and their defining song project.


  1. Typing Practice @
    1. Make up the Typing Test if necessary
    2. Complete this Survey
  2. Show Mr. Levin your completed Identity Project
  3. Create a new POST in WordPress for Assignment #2 – Significant Song Project
    1. Follow all of the instructions on the link provided.
  4. Make sure that you have completed all of your assignments to this point and that you have recieved full credit.
  5. Presentations – Share one of the assignments that you have done in class.
    1. Periods 1 and 3 About Me Bags are due
    2. Periods 4,5,6 – Weekend HW: About Me Bag – Decorate your Bag and put in 3 items to share with the class:
      1. Something Shiny or Hard
      2. Something Important to your education (NOT A PEN or PENCIL!)
      3. Something Flat – You may not get this back.