Monday/Tuesday August 20-21st, 2012

Objective: Students will finalize their about me pages by publishing their image to wordpress with a caption and including a tagxedo word wordcloud.


  1. Login to your computers
  2. Typing Practice at
    1. **Period 3 – Access accounts:
  3. Download Google Chrome
  4. Intro to Habits of Mind
  5. Login to WordPress:
    1. Welcome to the Dashboard
    2. New Post:
      1. 5 minute free write:  How do you use technology in your everyday life?
  6. Review: Saving a powerpoint as a JPEG and posting it to WordPress
  7. Finalize your about me PAGE
    1. Include your image as a JPEG
    2. Include a 1 paragraph caption explaining:
      1. Who are you?
      2. What are your goals?
      3. Why did you choose the images in your collage?
    3. Go to and create a wordcloud to represent you.
      1. Click Create
      2. Copy and paste your paragraph into the text editor, then customize it the way you want it.
      3. Save it as a JPEG and Add it to your About Page
    4. Click the blue button to update your page.
    5. Show it to Mr. Levin to receive credit.
  8. Finished early?  Become a Pro at WordPress
  9. Closure:  Caption Contest