Thursday/Friday August 16-17th, 2012

Objective:  Students will finalize their identity projects and publish them to WordPress as a Jpeg with a caption as a NEW PAGE.

  1. Why is typing important?
    1. It could save your life! – Click Here
  2. Classroom Routine: Typing Practice – First 15 minutes of every class
    1. Create accounts at
    2. Use your Animostudent information for your username, e-mail and password if possible
    3. Begin the first lesson.  (5 Minutes of typing practice)
    4. Setting Goals
  3. Digital Arts and Design Only: Create accounts at
    1. Use your at email (the same one you use to login)
    2. You may name your wordpress site whatever you want (use your animousername if you cant think of anything Ex: Jlevin321
    3. Confirm your email address at
    4. How to publish your work to WordPress.  (As a JPEG!)
  4. YEARBOOK ONLY: Create Accounts at
    Register with your email
    Course Access Code#: C7NZH-F6R2S
  5. Finish Identity Project
  6. Post your identity project to WordPress as your ABOUT ME page
    1. Include a 5 sentence (minimum) caption explaining who you are and why you chose the pictures in your collage.
  7. Extension:  Choose a wordpress theme, and begin to customize your wordpress page.
  8. Exit Slip: Complete this form so that Mr. Levin has a link to your WordPress: